Gateway Gallery Auction offers a professional service to evaluate personal property assets. We serve a broad range of customers including private clients, executors and banks, providing thorough and confidential services to help our clients meet their goals.

A written certified appraisal helps clarify the value of your personal property. Whether it’s for estate tax purposes, division of assets or sentimental reasons, a certified appraisal is the fairest way to determine the value of objects.

Different Types of Valuation

The monetary value of certain items can vary depending on the exact purpose of the appraisal. We offer:

  • Fair Market Value Appraisals, the value an item is anticipated to bring in an open market such as auction.
  • Insurance/Replacement Value, the value of an item if it could be replaced with a similar item in similar condition.

Appraisal Rates

$75 initial consultation

$100 per hour *including research time. Research will not exceed 2 hours unless otherwise stipulated.

$35 document preparation fee

The above standard rates apply to written appraisals. Walk-ins and verbal appraisals may be charged a different fee.

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