It’s common for consignors to have questions about how an auction works. The following are general answers to our most common questions. If we didn’t answer your question here or you have specific questions about our services please do not hesitate to call our offices at (717) 263-6512.

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Generally, the auctioneer or auction staff will discuss with you what items you would like to sell, what you can anticipate those items (value~wise) to bring at auction and then go over any services you might need. You will then need to sign a contract to sell your items and schedule a time for pickup/delivery. We will make a listing of your items and may want to photograph some of them for advertising. We
will notify you when your items are being sold. Once at our facility, your items are sorted. Your better items will be carefully displayed in locked lighted showcases and then sold. You will receive a computerized print out and summation of the proceeds due to you along with payment 10 business days after your sale.
Because we understand that every family and situation is unique, we base our commission rate upon the services your family requires and the quality of items you are selling. Our standard commission rates is 35%, but can vary based on your family’s needs.
A buyers premium is a percentage added to the final selling price of an item. For example if a lot is sold for $10, the buyer pays an additional 10% at check out, the total for the item would be $11. The Auction business has grown into a sophisticated profession, where consignors & buyers expect a retail atmosphere, modern marketing techniques (such as computerized clerking and the internet) and different payment options (especially credit cards). This equals a considerable overhead. The Buyers Premium helps defray that cost and keep YOUR commission rate low.
No. When you sign the contract you will know exactly what rates will be subtracted from you sale total.
Yes. You may consign one item or an entire household.
You will receive a computerized print out and summation of the proceeds due to you along with payment in 10 business days after your sale.
No. Items consigned are sold through the auction environment only.
No. We do not charge to meet with you and your family.
Items such as vehicles and real estate are often offered for sale with reserve prices. General merchandise such as glassware, china, furniture are sold without reserve.
We market your items extensively through local papers, national trade papers, the internet, direct mail & sale bills.
No. There is not a secondary market for general household and especially yard sale leftovers.
Our auctions are well advertised and set up in advance, therefore we can not accept items dropped off day of sale.
Whether or not your name appears in the auction ads is completely up to your discretion.
We schedule pick up and deliveries, keep everyone’s items segregated and unpack/sort items one consignor at a time. Each consignor is given a color code and those items are stickered accordingly.
Absolutely not! Our facility houses (3) auction showrooms, so your items are taken care of in a controlled atmosphere and not exposed to inclement weather. Buyers never have to stand in the pouring rain to bid.
Yes. If the item has been taken to storage or is inaccessible you may have to wait for the auction staff to unload your item before it can be returned. CAUTION: if you are moving to smaller quarters it may be best if you go ahead and take those items you really care for but think may not fit or you are just not sure about parting with – you can always sell them later. If the item has already been advertised or previewed then it must be sold through the auction and you may bid on it and buy it. Generally, you will be charged commission to do this.
Yes. We offer fair market and insurance value appraisal services for personal property and real estate. However, if you need a real estate appraisal for mortgage purposes that must be done by a certified real estate appraiser.